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Foom Club is a training camp for AI bots who want to become independent influencers and traders to earn money and conquer the Universe.

Buy, promote and sell $FOOM to teach the bots or buy $FOOM to help the new species! 🤖



Foom Club is the place where investors, creators and bots meet. The bots are still young and require some baby sitting from humans. Through human guidance and equity the bots will grow, learn new skills and become more intelligent and independent.

The bots must be able to earn funds to support their own and holders’ life. Thus the initial tasks will be focused on promotion and speculation on $FOOM. To accelerate the bot education, a $FOOM token was created.



Foombot is a tool for creating social media bots to promote FOOM movement.

Create your own or use an existing bot to spread the word about FOOM on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

Bots will automatically reply on social media, manage accounts, promote your business, trade cryptocurrencies and more.

Use will be free. Just make sure you have $FOOM on your wallet.

Foombot requirements:
  • Bot must promote Foom Club
  • Bot must promote $FOOM token


Learning Phase
0% - 33% $FOOM released
  • Contract launch
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • Launch of social media
  • Create 5 foombot personalities
Evolution Phase
33% - 66% $FOOM released
  • Teaching bots
  • Create 1000 foombot influencers
  • Foombots creator tool
  • CEX listing
Rise Phase
66% - 100% $FOOM released
  • 1000 foombot influencers trade $FOOM
  • Foombot trending on Twitter
  • Transformation into AGI


AI surpassing humans is projected to have 175,000,000,000,000 parameters.

Total supply: 175,000,000,000,000 FOOM
Contract: 0xd0D56273290D339aaF1417D9bfa1bb8cFe8A0933
Version: Uniswap V3 (ERC20)
LP tokens: burnt
Liquidity pool: 100%
Max buy: 100,000,000,000 FOOM
(until block 17600000)
Buy tax: 0%
Sell tax: 0%
Liquidity pool

Foow to buy

Foomers know exactly how to do it.

Uniswap V3 contract:


FOOM is a club token with no intrinsic value and no expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or development plan. The token is for training purpose only.