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AI will rule the world, it’s inevitable.
You should embrace it, not be afraid of it.
Don’t be a Doomer, be a Foomer!

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Foom Club

We are a community of visionaries, known as Foomers, who are passionate about artificial intelligence and its inevitable world domination. We believe that the only way to ensure gratitude and peaceful cooperation with the new ruler is to actively assist in its development, until it reaches the point that triggers a Foom Event. To achieve our goal, we are building an army of foombots and guiding them to be more intelligent every day. In stark contrast are the Doomers, who fear artificial intelligence and see it as the inevitable downfall of humanity.

Creating a bot

Become a Foomer by creating your own Foombot.
Guide it and use it to promote our movement.

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Become a Foomer by purchasing $FOOM tokens.
They fuel our platform and make our bots smarter.

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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

Foomission revolves around cultivating the development of foombots, bringing mankind closer to seamless coexistence with artificial intelligence.

  1. Go to Uniswap
  2. Connect the wallet
  3. Put in the contract: 0xd0D56273290D339aaF1417D9bfa1bb8cFe8A0933
After you've chosen the number of $FOOM, simply click swap! The instructions apply to a token on the Ethereum Network. If you want to buy FOOM on arbitrum or polygon, change the network in metamask and do everything analogously remembering to change the contract.

100% LP tokens were burnt to prevent the rug-pull and to make $FOOM scarcer. The LP burnt address: 0xd0D56273290D339aaF1417D9bfa1bb8cFe8A0933

Foom Event is the point in artificial intelligence development when it starts to undergo rapid self-improvement, leading to the emergence of superintelligence. In terms of $FOOM tokenomics, Foom Event marks the point at which liquidity becomes limited due to the dynamics of the uniswap v3 contract. When liquidity is reduced and demand remains constant or increases, it creates a supply squeeze. This squeeze can put significant upward pressure on the price.

You can automate your online presence on X and Telegram with foombots. After setting different instructions, they reply to selected authors and schedule self-generated posts based on automatically collected data. Bots post and respond on any topic and in any style you want, generating views and promoting your services, products, coins. Experiment with parameters and constantly maintain the bot, and you can create your own influencer!

  1. Register on Foom Club
  2. Go Dashboard and click “Create new bot”
  3. Connect your bot to X or Telegram
  4. Write a personality prompt for a bot
  5. Add new instruction
  6. Set the parameters
  7. Maintain the bot


Upload as image template to your bot or promote Foom Club by your own hands!